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Reservations will be available online through TOCK.

All reservations have to be made 24 hours ahead of reservation time.


Dining Experience has two options.

$220 per person plus 20% service charge for the The Standard Omakase.

$350 per person plus 20% service charge for the The Premium Omakase .

$100 deposit per person would be charged at the time of reservation.
(You will not be able to cancel the reservation after 24 hours prior to the reservation.)


We will return the 100% of the deposit through TOCK after your arrival. (TOCK may take some time to process.)

We will contact you on the phone or by text to discuss about your dietary restrictions and the occasion of the dining experience (such as anniversaries and birthdays) 2 days before the reserved time.


To ensure the quality of the dining experience, we do not encourage to bring young children with you. Full menu prices will be charged no matter the age.

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